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Citanest and Xylocaine®

Xylocaine 2% with adrenaline (Epinephrine) and Citanest with Octapressin dental local anaesthetic - now in 50 packs. Not only are they both Latex Free, but they have also been designed with safety in mind, in particular for pregnant and medically compromised patients.

In fact, Citanest is a unique, adrenaline free anaesthetic that avoids the cardiovascular effects of adrenaline and uses Felypressin as a vasoconstrictor to maintain anaesthetic in the desired area.
NOTE: self-aspirating technique can still be achieved with a Standard cartridge using a ‘barbed’ self-aspirating syringe.


Sani-Tip - Infection Control

Order 3 standard packs of Sani-Tip and get 1 FREE. Enter Code: STM314

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