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Prime&BondNT is a one bottle, all purpose, self-priming, etch and rinse (total etch) dentine/enamel bonding system incorporating a unique nano-filler. The nano-filler is 10-20 times smaller than the width of a collagen fibre. Key benefits are higher bond strength, reduced technique sensitivity, one layer application procedure plus reliable and consistent results. Prime&BondNT has improved resin concentration giving better saturation of the tooth surface and reduced technique sensitivity. It is also available in single unit dose for rapid preparation. The unit fits into a convenient stand-alone or hand held holder. After use, the unit dose can be removed and the holder reused.


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Prime&Bond NT Refill Pack
RRP* £150.80
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Self Cure Activator
RRP* £88.90
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Prime&Bond NT Quix Refill pack
RRP* £166.90
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Applicator Tips (100)
RRP* £16.70
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