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The Ultra-Flexible PRO-SONIC

ProSonicTM Ultrasonic Cleaners provide efficient, effective and economical ultrasonic cleaning in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any office.
* Industrial type ultrasonic stack transducer assures maximum power in the cleaning tank.
* ProSonic wide snap-on drain empties tank fast.
* Above tank controls allow units to be countersunk and protects components from moisture.


Sani-Tip - Infection Control

Order 3 standard packs of Sani-Tip and get 1 FREE. Enter Code: STM314

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*Approximate price you will be charged by your dealer.
PRO-SONIC™ 300 Mechanical Timer w/Heat 230v
RRP* £672.40
REWARDS: Earn 3% Back
Spend rewards £s
PRO-SONIC™ Assistant 230 v w/UK Plug
RRP* £179.80
REWARDS: Earn 3% Back
Spend rewards £s
PRO-SONIC™ Beaker 600 ml
RRP* £18.10
REWARDS: Earn 3% Back